Dog Grooming

In Chicawoof! We are so happy to announce our new luxury service: House Call Dog
Grooming where we bring the spaw experience to your door so your pup can be
comfortable and relaxed in their own environment.

Benefits of House Call Grooming

It’s all about your pup: our full attention is given to your furry baby. There are no other distractions or responsibilities which helps us create a consistent long lasting relationship.

No waiting or transportation concerns: your pup is never waiting for their turn because we are there
only for them, and you don’t need to worry about driving/commuting because we are coming to you.

Reduced stress: just being at home can make the grooming experience way less stressful, there is no
ride to get to the salon, no unfamiliar places, no cages, and no other barking dogs.

Service Menu

Pricing will depend on dog size, type of coat, and special care needs.

Spaw Day

This is our basic grooming package. It starts with a full pawdicure, ear cleaning and plucking (if needed), sanitary trim (abdomen & booty) paw shaping, and pad trim. Then we move on to the tub for a relaxing bath using high-quality products selected according to breed and type of coat. Blow-dry and brush for extra fluffiness. As a final touch, we hydrate the paw pads using the Chicawoof Paw Pad Protector.

Knot Today Package

Service designed for dogs with long/high maintenance coats, Our Knot Today Package includes a
full-body detangling and brushing with products selected according to your dog's type of coat and
condition. For double-coated breeds, this service will include deshedding.

Glamour Pawdicure

Our Glamour Pawdicure starts with a trim using a nail clipper according to the size of your dog, which is followed by a nail file for a smoother finish. Lastly, we hydrate the paw pads using the Chicawoof Paw Pad Protector.

Pup Full Makeover

All the perks of our spaw day but with a full-body customized hair cut.
Add On Services
Detangling treatment
Teeth Brushing
Anal Gland Expression
” Anal gland expression is an add-on service. We do not
express anal glands unless you request it. “
Text us at 773-234-8279 to get a personalized quote, schedule services, or if you have any questions/concerns. Grooming requests, questions, etc will be answered only via text message.
1350 N Lake Shore Dr. Chicago, Illinois 60610