Recipes3 healthy Kong fillings that aren’t peanut butter

December 4, 2020by chicawoof

As many of you know I firmly believe that Kongs are the best invention on earth so far. I just love them, they are a great resource not only to entertain your dog but they are great puzzle toys to put a doggy’s brain to work. Also, if used properly Kongs can be an excellent training tool, but we’ll leave this conversation to all those good trainers out there.

In this post, I want to show you that even though we all love peanut butter, that’s not the only thing you can fill a Kong with. I’ll leave you 3 healthy recipes to fill a Kong, I am 100% sure your furry baby will thank you (in their language).

  1. Canned Food: as simple as it sounds. It may sound obvious but at least in my case I just came up with this idea a few weeks ago LOL. I don’t really feed my dog canned food, but I use it as a treat. My current favorite brand is Simply Nourish, so just put some of your dog’s favorite canned food inside the Kong, Ziploc bag, and freeze.
  2. Don’t underestimate yogurt: non-fat yogurt to me is like a white canvas when it comes to treats, if you get creative you can create tons of delicious goodies for your best friend. In this case, I like tossing some blueberries together with the yogurt into Kong. Remember to check the yogurt’s ingredients and make sure it doesn’t contain xylitol.
  3. My favorite one: I am so proud to say that this is my invention. I love cooking for my dog. You need carrots, spinach, 1 slice of turkey ham, and 1 tablespoon of chicken/beef broth. Take all your ingredients to the food processor or blender until integrated. After that, you can fill the Kong with this mix and freeze it. This can be used as a food topper too.
Chicago, Illinois