Some people believe that because cats are smart and independent they don’t need socialization, enrichment, or fun, well that’s 100% false. Cats are amazing creatures, but they still need us! In this post, I’ll give you some easy enrichment ideas to start spending quality time with your cat TODAY! I don’t want to pretend...

Humping is a common dog’s behavior, the first thing that comes to the owner’s mind when their adorable dog is humping a pillow, a stuffed toy, another dog, or in many cases the owner’s leg is that this is a “sexual” related behavior, but the truth is that humping isn’t often sexual. Then… why do...

Valentine’s Day is only a few days away so if you have a pet owner/lover in your life and you want to surprise them this Feb. 14th with a gift that represents their love for their furry babies, keep reading, we’ve brought you the coolest Valentine’s Day gift guide…designed for every budget.   1.Bag to...
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