Uncategorized6 perfect gifts for a pet lover if you are on a budget (Prices+Links)

December 20, 2020by chicawoof

We only have a few days before Christmas, which means last-minute shopping! Maybe you’ve been busy, you forgot, or just didn’t realize that time flies (like me) so if you have a pet lover in your life and still have to buy a gift for them, keep reading.

In this guide, you’ll find 6 gifts perfectly thought to make any pet lover/parent do a happy dance when they see them, and the best part? budget-friendly items, because…2020

1.Electric Heated Blanket

This is simply, the best invention ever. Most of them are cozy, fleece, and made from soft and silkly 100% plush polyester fabric. You may be thinking these blankets are hard to wash but actually, most of them are conveniently machine washable. Can you imagine cuddling with your furry baby on one of these?

Where to find them?

-Amazon: $54.99 Click here to buy.

-Target: $29.99 Click here to buy.

-Bed Bad & Beyond: $45.00 Click here to buy.


2.Pet & Owner best friend set

There is no pet owner in the world who can resist these cuties. There are a lot of shapes, and sizes, they are suitable for dog and cat owners. I have my favorites when it comes to these sets, I love the ones that seem like a necklace is divided in two, so one part is a pendant for you (or a key chain) and the other one is a collar charm for your pet, they match perfectly and usually come with cute words engraved. Do you know a pet owner who likes to show everyone how much they love their pets? This is the perfect gift.

Where to find them?


Option 1: $15.00 Click here to buy.

Option2: $9.84 Click here to buy.

-Amazon: $13.00 Click here to buy.

-Petco: $4.99 Click here to buy.


3.Custom Dog Face Apron

Pet lover? Cooking is their passion…or hobby? Here you have it! I don’t love cooking, but I personally fell in love with these aprons and I’ve decided that I need one of them in my life, maybe having my dog’s face on my apron is going to make me love cooking, who knows.

Where to find it?

-Etsy: $29.90 Click here to buy.


4.Matching Pet and Owner Pajamas

I don’t know who came up with this idea, but whoever you are, you are a genius! These pajamas are not only beautiful but this is such an Instagram-friendly idea! There are several options to get these PJs but the one that I’ve found more affordable and reliable is Pajamagram.

Where to find them?

-Pajamagram: $64.99 Click here to buy.


5.Custom plush slippers

Ok, if you have some extra bucks to spend, please go for this option! These slippers are absolutely beautiful, this was supposed to be a gift guide, but I guess I am buying everything as a gift to myself. The company that makes these plush slippers that look exactly like your dog is named “Cuddle Clones”, no more words needed.


Where to find them?

-Cuddle Clones: $249.00 Click here to buy.


You don’t feel like spending over $200? Can’t afford the slippers but still like the idea? 2020 has been rough for your pocket?

There is a more affordable option, they don’t look exactly like the ones from Cuddle Clones, but they are absolutely beautiful.

Where to find them?

-Etsy: $60.00 Click here to buy.


6.Custom Pet Socks

I have to admit that I included these socks because I think they are a great complement for the slippers LOL but they actually make a great gift themselves.

Where to find them?

-Etsy: $20.00 Click here to buy.

-Cuddle Clones: $23.99 Click here to buy.







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