Dogs4 Benefits of Daily Dog Walking

January 5, 2021by chicawoof

January is “Walk your dog month” which I find pretty weird since January is the coldest month, at least in Chicago.

     I am sure you love your pup and you are a great dog parent! But have you ever thought about how important daily walks are for your furry baby? I don’t mean: “Ohh it’s time to go out, my pup needs to go potty” I mean, have you thought about how your dog benefits from this simple activity (sometimes mindless for humans) Well you probably haven’t, that’s why I decided to tell you everything about it in this post just keep reading.

1.A regular walking schedule prevents obesity: as we all know, a dog who doesn’t get exercised can become obese, and that can happen quicker than you think. Obesity leads to cardiovascular and liver disease, osteoarthritis, insulin resistance, etc. these health issues aren’t easy to treat and may reduce the quality and years of life of your dog.

2.Consistent walks improve urinary health: bladder retention (holding their pee) can lead to urinary tract infections so allowing your pup to regularly empty their bladder will keep them healthy!

3.Mental stimulation: dogs need to explore new sights, smells, and safety socialization, otherwise, they can become bored, which leads to stress and destructive behaviors especially if you are not home if you are out long hours definitely consider hiring a dog walker. 

4.Walks are an opportunity to reinforce training: it doesn’t matter if it’s potty training, leash manners, socialization manners, walks are the perfect time to strengthen canine training.
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