If you are here it’s because you just received our monthly newsletter, so welcome to our Doggy Aventura! Doggy Aventura is Chicawoof’s newest service, it was designed thinking about…quarantine. Yes, we were “locked down” for a year or so (I stopped counting at some point), and even though that was the happiest year of every...

Humping is a common dog’s behavior, the first thing that comes to the owner’s mind when their adorable dog is humping a pillow, a stuffed toy, another dog, or in many cases the owner’s leg is that this is a “sexual” related behavior, but the truth is that humping isn’t often sexual. Then… why do...

January is “Walk your dog month” which I find pretty weird since January is the coldest month, at least in Chicago.      I am sure you love your pup and you are a great dog parent! But have you ever thought about how important daily walks are for your furry baby? I don’t mean:...
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