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June 26, 2021by chicawoof

You all would be surprised by how many people believe that Chicawoof only provides services to dogs, and to be honest, I don’t blame them, we are absolutely obsessed with dogs! However, we absolutely love felines! and one of our goals is to keep our cat clients as happy as possible.
Chicawoof recognizes cats as superior creatures, they are beyond us that’s why we have designed our cat sitting visits to be unique and to provide cats with the treatment they deserve. So, you may be wondering why does Maria always say that their cat sitting visits are unique? Well, I am here to tell you why.

Our cat sitting service is not only scooping litter boxes and cleaning bowls, that’s super important and of course, it’s part of our job, but what happens after a cat sitter feeds the cats, change the water, and scoop the litter box (assuming this is a cat that doesn’t need medication, because have you tried pilling a cat?) Playtime! but what kind of playing? Here is where we do our part.

All the games we play with our cat clients are enrichment games where the cats get physical and mental stimulation which means the cats are having fun but also using their brains. In case you didn’t know, enrichment is extremely important for indoor cats, remember your kitty is predatory by nature, and living indoor plus living in a city environment can easily be reasons for these natural instincts to be understimulated, and when these needs are not met undesirable behaviors develop.

In other words, when a cat doesn’t spend time/energy hunting their frustration/stress can be redirected into bad behaviors (scratching furniture, aggression, urinating, and defecating out of their litter box, etc) and, I get it you live in Gold Coast, Chicago where is your cat supposed to go hunting? Nowhere, we have to look for alternatives, and this is what enrichment is about.

So what do we do during our cat visits to stimulate your kitty’s instincts? We use a variety of engaging toys to stimulate the cat’s hunting instincts. Kitty spinners filled whit treats where they have to “work” to get those treats, lasers so they can chase the light, music with nature sounds, Youtube videos, and catnip-filled toys are only some of the enrichment options we currently offer with our cat sitting visits.

Now, forget about Chicawoof for one second and think about what you can do to create positive experiences in your cat’s environment, I’ll help you, go read our post “5 Fun/enrichment games to play with your cat
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