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July 6, 2021by chicawoof

If you are here it’s because you just received our monthly newsletter, so welcome to our Doggy Aventura!

Doggy Aventura is Chicawoof’s newest service, it was designed thinking about…quarantine. Yes, we were “locked down” for a year or so (I stopped counting at some point), and even though that was the happiest year of every dog’s life, we are back to normal now, and some dogs may need extra physical and mental stimulation. If you have a high-energy dog, an anxious dog, a dog that gained weight during the lockdown, a dog that loves socializing with other dogs, this is the perfect activity for this summer.

First, let’s talk about the benefits of this activity for your dog:

1.Mental stimulation: being outside, in a different environment, surrounded by nature provides your dog with new scents, sounds, and sights, which are great stimulators to put their brain to work. Did you know that mental stimulation is as important as physical stimulation for high-energy dogs? so if you think your dog “never gets tired” they could be lacking mental stimulation.

2.Social interaction: dogs need to keep socializing with other dogs through their lives, they need to “speak dog”

3.Cure for boredom: this activity provides the right balance between physical and mental stimulation which prevents boredom which at the same time prevents behavior issues. A bored dog is guaranteed to be trouble, so we guarantee you a tired and happy dog.

4.Extra exercise: did you know that one of 3 dogs is overweight in the United States? 🙁 That’s not ok and we shouldn’t romanticize our dog gaining extra weight. Pet obesity can lead to a countless number of health issues.

5.Great chance to reinforce training: socialization, leash manners, car riding manners, and command reinforcing, this will help your dog’s mental health lifelong.

Now the big question: Where are you taking the dogs?

The plan is going to a different hiking trail every week, but we don’t want to go too far from the city so these are the options that I like the most:

1.Beck Desplaines River Trail

2.Palos Trail System

3.Deer Grove Forest Preserve

4.Waterfall Glen Forest Preserve

You guys know me, and I am the best at taking pictures so I guarantee you the best pictures of your dog in these natural scenaries.

Our Doggy Aventura includes:

-Pick up and drop off (pick up starts at 8:30 am and drop off at 12:00 pm)

-Water and snacks

-We’ll provide each dog with an anti-escape leash to walk during the Doggy Aventura time.

-Poop bags

-Brushing before dropping them off (in case there are leaves stuck in their fur)

Are you ready to sign up your dog for the best adventure ever?

We’ve come up with a great deal for 1350-1360 NLSD residents, to book it just select “Doggy Aventura (1350)” in our system, and you’ll automatically get the special rate that we have for our neighbors.

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