Client SpotlightClient Spotlight. Meet: Winston

January 25, 2021by chicawoof

My little Winston…This cat is an amazing character in Chicawoof! I have to say that Winston has been one of the few good things that happened to me in 2020. Everything started 3 days before the 4th of July weekend, his owner called requesting our cat sitting visits, we had the meet and greet the following morning, and as soon as I walked into the apartment he ran to me meowing and purring, he definitely had me at meow.

I am not 100% sure, but I think Winston is a Korat cat. During the 14th century, Korat cats were considered a living-good luck charm in their home country, Thailand. 

Winston is very easy to love, he is playful and affectionate, I dare to say that he loves everybody. His favorite toy is a feather teaser, he gets crazy with it! And can play for hours, he also loves fur mice toys and of course, his scratching post.

I did my research about Korat cats before writing this post, and I found something that really got my attention “Korat cats do best with companionship, whether that is someone who works at home or another animal. There’s a reason, it seems, that traditionally they were always given in pairs. A Korat who is frequently left alone or ignored may develop behavior problems such as aggression or separation anxiety.” I’ll have to agree with this! Winston loves people so much, and I am sure he wouldn’t do well being left alone for so long, his owner does that and does an excellent job at keeping Winston happy. This cat has an automatic feeder, and automatic litter box, all this was thought by his owner with the purpose that the pet sitter spent as much time as possible interacting with Winston instead of spending half of the visit cleaning which I love and Winston too.
Chicago, Illinois